How to register

Registration and Payment

Download: Instructions on how to register (PDF) 

Payment options

  • Course payment may be made through the PayPal® function using your PayPal® account if you have one, or by using a credit card. 
  • If you require an invoice for an EFT payment please email and we can arrange this for you. Once the invoice payment is received we will enrol you the appropriate course.

Registration process

To undertake this course, you must first register. Click on the “Click to enter this course” button. 

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If you have already created an account, enter your username and password to log in. If you have not created an account, click on the “Create new account” button.


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 Enter your details in the account registration form. Note, fields marked with a red exclamation mark are required and must be completed to register.

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Your confirmation email will look like this. Follow the instructions.


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You will see a page with a message advising that an email has been sent to your nominated email address with a link to confirm your account.

Confirm your account by clicking on the link in blue. 


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After confirming your account click on the “Continue” button to log in.


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Course enrolment

After completing your registration, click on the “Click to enter this course” button.

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Payment options

Enrolment in the course requires payment.

There is a payment method available through PayPal® if you can use a credit card. Click on the “Send payment via PayPal” button to make your payment.

If you require an invoice for an EFT payment please email and we can arrange this for you.

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You can pay with your Paypal® account if you have one or by using a credit card.

To pay using a credit card click on the “Pay with a Card” button.


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If paying by credit card via PayPal please complete the details as listed in the payment form.

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 You will receive an email receipt for your payment.

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After payment you will be redirected to the training page where you will see the User Tour which explains how to navigate the page. 

Reset the tour at the foot of page anytime you would like to review it.

End the tour by selecting the End tour button.

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